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Function List

Function Description Price
Fuel Base Adjust the basic fuel percentage for all operation range to suit the increasment the injector flow or the engine displacement. Product Code:A6_F_1 300
Engine and Vehicle Settings Adjust the engine and vehicle settings include the deceleration fuel cut, acceleration fuel compensation, speed gain(Speed meter is controlled by ecu), VVA control, fan control, idle RPM control, and RPM limit. Product Code:A6_F_2 300
4D Fuel Adjust Full range fuel factor adjustment by RPM(20 cells) and TPS%(17 cells). Factor range is from 0% to 200%. Product Code:A6_F_3 300
4D Spark Angle Adjust Full range ignition timing adjustment by RPM(20 cells) and TPS%(9 cells). Adjustment range is from -20 to 10CA. Product Code:A6_F_4 300
Injection Timing Adjust Full throttle injection start timing by crank angle BTDC 180CA and ATDC 300CA. Product Code:A6_F_5 300
Temp. Compensation Fuel compensation for different engine temperature, and the crank fuel compensation. Product Code:A6_F_6 300
BackFire Adjust Close Throttle:When the switch turned on, engine will make backfire when throttle closed after acceleration. Open Throttle:When the switch turned on, engine will make backfire at setting RPM. Idle Lope:When the switch turn on, engine idle sound style can be adjusted. Product Code:A6_F_7 600
Auto Tune AutoTune processes full range internal fuel map correction to fit target AFR automatically with AF1 or 2 module. WB O2 Closed loop fuel is to correct the fuel, but the results will not memory in ECU after ignition key off. Product Code:A6_F_8 900
Target AFR Target AFR for fuel calculation, autotune, and feul wide band close loop correction. Product Code:A6_F_9 300
Stock O2 Fuel Close Loop aRacer ECU will correct the base fuel to improve the A/F and drivability by stock O2 sensor.. Product Code:A6_F_10 300
Launch Mode Set the launch limit RPM and the launch end vehicle speed. Product Code:A6_F_11 150
Pit Limit Set the RPM or Speed limit value when Pit limit mode is activated. Product Code:A6_F_12 150
Quick Shift Set triggered threshold and the power cut-off time when the Quick Shift is activated. Product Code:A6_F_13 300
Traction Control Rider can switch the TCS funcion ON or OFF by app, and also can adjust the level of the TCS. Product Code:A6_F_14 300
R. Button R. Button function provides the individual Map1~3 settings. Product Code:A6_F_15 300

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