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RCSuper2 ECU 4Cylinders

Available for: YAMAHA R6, Honda CBR600RR

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Function List

Function Description Price
Basic function: Daily use Functions:ignition timing, fuel basic tuning, limited rpm in each gear Product Code:C4_F_1 0
Advance function The bike already modified the intake and muffler Functions:3D ignition time, electronic throttle setting*, fuel in each cylinders, temperature compensation (*If bike have electronic throttle) Product Code:C4_F_2 9000
Sport function: Join the race in track sometimes Functions: Fuel and ignition timing tuning in each gear, engine break set up, TCS level adjust* (*If bike have TCS function or the bike install race function module and two wheel sensor) Product Code:C4_F_3 9000
Racing function: 100% for racing, all functions enable Functions: Launch control, Pit limited, auto warm*1, quickshifter set up*2 (*1 if bike have electronic throttle, *2 need aRacer quickshifter racing, *3 open this level needs race function module, race switch) Product Code:C4_F_4 9000

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